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    Grooming Prices


    Our prices vary with size/weight of the dog as well as coat type, time since last grooming and service type you are looking for.

    For a more accurate estimate please contact us through the contact form or call us at (519) 919-2426.

    With many different grooming styles, we at Puppy Charm want to give you and your pet the luxury service you want. Please read the descriptions below to help you decide which grooming treatment is best suited for your furry friend.

    Please note additional fees can incur due to matted coats, behaviour problems and specialty grooming techniques.

    ** Double coated dogs will automatically be provided the deshedding treatment. This is our standard service provided for our double coated bath/trim and tidy. **

    Small Dog Full Hair Cut $70-85
    Bath & Brush (Short Hair) $40-52
    Bath & Brush (Long Hair)  $50-74
    Trim and Tidy $57-85
    Medium Dog Full Hair Cut $80-110
    Bath & Brush (Short Hair)  $52-70
    Bath & Brush (Long Hair)  $74-92
    Trim and Tidy $85-100


    Large Dog Full Hair Cut  $105-140
    Bath & Brush (Short Hair)  $70-80
    Bath & Brush (Long Hair)  $92-115
    Trim and Tidy $95-125


    Extra Large Full Hair Cut $140-160
    Bath and Brush (Short hair) $85-100
    Bath and Brush (Long hair) $92-115
    Trim and Tidy $95-125

    * any pets over 110lbs would be priced as extra large plus their additional weight category added on.


    Puppy Trim $40-55
    Puppy Bath $35-45
    Mini Doodles $95+
    Small Doodles $115+
    Medium Doodles $130+
    Large Doodles $155+
    XL Doodles $185+
    Deshedding Surcharge (Varies by Size) $20-35

    All our Grooming Services Include:

    • NThorough massaging bath with premium shampoo specifically formulated for each individual skin and coat.
    • NVelocity or cage dried depending on your pets comfort and tolerance levels of each drying method.
    • NFluff dried with our quiet, warm dryer to add fluff and pacify each pet.
    • NNails clipped
    • NEars cleaned with professional cleaner and plucked when necessary.
    • NFinished with our deluxe moisturizing spray or scented cologne.
    Fresh Cut

    For the pet who is in need of a short crisp cut all over the body. Our personal style is to give a proportioned body to leg ratio with a defined shape, accompanied by a soft clean visible face. We strive to give your pet the look you want, so please provide us with any reasonably safe requests to help us achieve what you desire. This full body hair cut also includes the paw pads shaved, clean cut sanitary and armpit area. This cut would be completed with clippers and be considered a shave yet there are many lengths to a shave and does not mean your dogs skin will be visible afterwards.

    – A Shave comes in 5 different lengths ranging from as short as 1/16 of an inch to 1/2 of an inch left of hair in length.

    Smooth Coat Brush

    For your smooth and short coated dogs like labs, beagles, bulldogs, JRT, chihuahua, pug etc. This is a great benefit for our mild to moderate shedders to get dead coat out and help their skin breath, leaving a fresh top coat looking sleek and shinny. Finished with our deluxe moisturizing or fragrant sprays leaving your pet super soft and smelling wonderful.


    Fluffy Cut

    Best suited for our furry friends who like to keep their coat longer than 1/2 an inch in length. This cut can only be achieved on pets that have minimal to no matting so we can achieve that soft plush teddy bear look. The bath portion of this service will always be completed with a moisturizing conditioner to help their coat stay manageable at this longer length. We strongly recommend your pet visit every 4-8 weeks with a bath and fluff visit in between to achieve and maintain this cut. Our personal style is to give a proportioned leg to body ratio with a defined shape, accompanied by a full plush face with clean lips. Yet we are happy to follow your personal style and direction of what you desire within a safe reasonable request.

    • Clip Comb lengths = This cut is still achieved using clippers with attachments therefore leaves the hair much longer in length. This can leave the hair eight different lengths ranging from 3/8 of an inch to a full inch and a half in length. These measurements may still seem to short but with the equipment we use it leaves them very plush and looking longer. The only way to get this cut is to have minimal to no matting and best suited for soft, plush, fluffy and curly coated breads. Eg. cockers, wheaten terriers, poodles, Maltese, and doodles etc.

    *please note all dogs receiving this style will have additional fees associated with the length provided, extra time and intricate scissors work required

    Breed Cut

    We specialize in these breed standard cuts for your purebred dog, as we are highly trained and certified in multiple breed cuts.  This cut is very common for Westies, Schnauzers, Cockers, Terriers, (Airedale, Carin, Wheaten, Kerri blue) etc as well as multiple Poodle styles.  We can do any specialized breed cut you are looking for which in most cases will consists of longer hair on the legs and underbelly as well as a specific head contour, with the exceptions of the many different poodle styles.

    *please note all dogs receiving this style will have additional fees associated with the length provided, extra time and intricate scissors work required

    Scissor Cut

    This cut dose not use clippers which in turn means very minimal hair is taken off.  This cut is best suited for straight full coated dogs like Yorkies, Havanese, Coton de Tulear, afghan, long hair dachshunds as well as purebred curly coated like bichons and poodles etc.  This still provides a full body contour and shaping with a style usually to breed standard.   Giving your pet a scissor cut requires the dog to have no prior matting and must come for grooming every 2-6 weeks as these coats are left more long and natural.  If you pet is in for a scissor cut service their bath will always include a remoisturizing conditioner to help lay the coat flat or straight.

    Trim and Tidy

    These pets usually don’t need a full body hair cut but a good trim and blow out can go a long way.  Trimming the pads of their feet, face, underbelly, leg feathering and their sanitary area to help keep their washroom breaks neater.  This service will only removed the dead coat from the body which will not change the coat length besides creating neat edges. This is especially beneficial for our double coated breeds like Australian shepherds, pomeranians,  Golden retrievers, Huskies and even our regular visitors just needing an in-between tidy. 

    Deshedding Service

    This service is in addition to the regular grooming fees and is great for our moderate to excessive shedders and we recommend they come in a minimum of once per season during coat change over. We will use our premium EZ out shampoo to help loosen all your pets dead undercoat and then followed by our deshedding treatment. Your pet will then be high velocity dried to blow out the coat and loosen the tightly packed coat even further. Finishing with our professional grade deshedding brushes and combs to assist in the removal of all the dead coat leaving a soft shinny outer coat. Bringing your pet in for this service every 8-12 weeks will decrease the excessive amount of hair left around your home.

    Hand Stripped

    Chantelle is proud to say she is a certified terrier groomer with the Canadian Professional Pet Stylist association.  She has attended many seminars and private lessons on hand stripping a few different breeds and has continued to learn with each opportunity presented.  This service is mostly for Terriers with a harsh coat like Schnauzers, Carin terriers, Border terrier, Westies, Norwich terriers ect. or Sporting breeds like English springers, and cockers, maintained in the breed standard style.  This service can be very time consuming and straining on us; the groomer, therefore it is charged an hourly rate.  This service must be maintained and on a strict schedule to give the coat its proper consistancy and growth pattern.  Your pets schedule will be dependant on the breed of dog you have and we can determine your schedule after the first few visits.   

    Creative/ Asian Fusion

    We thoroughly enjoy constructing and creating these cute fancy looks. We can do this style essentially on any dog with a minimum of 3-4″ of coat on the legs. This cut consists of very large bell bottom or flowing legs with a very short body. The head will have a very rounded top muzzle and short chin followed with either a tied up or fluffy top knot or which ever will best suit your pets precious face. The creative side can also include incorporating colour into your pets coat with pet safe hair dye that is not permanant but will last until your pets next grooming visit. We love to explore and put our hands to new designs so please do not hesitate to challange us within a safe reasonable request.

    Additional Services:

    We also offer add on/single service treatments for short service or to give your pet that extra something!

    Teeth Brushing
    Nail Grinding with Grooming
    Nail Grinding (No Grooming)
    Pet Photo
    Nail Trimming Alone
    Thick/Matted Coat Removal
    $10/ 10 min
    Extra Brushing/Dematting
    $15/ 10 min
    Skunk Treatment
    Anti-Itch Treatment and nyagu rinse
    Anal Glands/ Ear Plucking
    By Request
    Extra Charming

    Nail Grinding, Toothbrushing and Specialized conditioner