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    Boarding & Daycare

    Welcome to Puppy Charm Play and Stay where your already well known, loved and trusted grooming salon has expanded to give our wonderful clients so much more.

    Puppy Charm Play and Stay is developed with an intent for small group sizes, individual personalization and structured scheduled activities full of play, enrichment, rest and learning with intellectual and emotional stimulation.

    Our Daycare has three different size indoor play areas and a huge outdoor play yard with a cement pad, grass and a built in tunnel. Our outdoor area also features a puppy pool, cooled watering dish, slide, climbing structure and lots of games with our chuck it. Our indoor areas feature a bone shaped ball pit and platform, couches, raised platforms, tunnels, and many puzzle games. View Daycare Pricing

    Our Boarding has nine standard 6×4 suites, five cozy 4×4 suites and one luxury 6×10 suite. All of our suites have a large raised cot for sleeping while our luxury suite has a full sized toddler bed with a small television. All boarders will have full access to our daycare and play programming. We strive to provide your pet with the same care and love they receive at home with much more friends for them to interact with. View Boarding Pricing.

    All our staff are highly qualified professionals who have been in the animal care industry for many years. They are very compassionate, loving, patient, and knowledgeable in this industry. Please check out our about us page to learn about the many certificates and training backgrounds our staff hold.


    • $All dogs must be spayed or neutered by the age of 8 months
    • $All dogs must be up to date on all vaccines (DHLPP, Rabies, Bordatella) plus flea and tick prevention.
    • $All dogs must complete a two hour temperament test and be qualified to join in our group play
    • $All dogs must be able to interact with other dogs in a no stress, cooperative fear free way.

    Our Flow

    • Drop off/ Boarding pick up is between 7am-10:30am Monday to Saturday
    • Daycare Pick up 2pm-6:30pm
    • If boarding dogs stay after 10:30 am, daycare fees associated with the time.
    • Closed to the public from 11am-2pm
    • Guests receive a mid day snack, puzzle or chew for rest time.
    • Guests will have a minimum of two outdoor exercise times
    • Boarders have care up to 10:30 pm and back in at 6:30 am to start their day
    • Pick up only is available on Sundays

    Why Choose Puppy Charm?

    • Small play group sizes of 10-15 dogs max.
    • Enrichment and learning opportunities
    • Personalized interactions
    • Organized play groups to match personality traits
    • Highly trained staff who are certified Dog Trainers or RVT’s and completing extensive training in animal welfare
    • Ample indoor and outdoor play time

    Click here for Pricing